Olga V. Lovacheva

I.M. Sechenov Moscow State Medical Institute, General Medicine, 1977   Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor. 
Professional Development: 
Certificates on phthisiology, pulmonology, endoscopy. Multiple training in the European clinics, master classes at the international conferences.
Research activities: 
Main publications (totally there are more than 200 publications in the national and international journals, Prof. Lovacheva is a co-author of 13 certificates of authorship and patents) are devoted to diagnostics of pulmonary diseases, including disseminated process, and treatment of pulmonary diseases by endoscopic techniques.
 She specializes in diagnostics and treatment of bronchial diseases. 
In 1985 she defended her candidate's thesis on Diagnostics of Pulmonary Deficiency Development with Concurrent Tuberculosis, and in 1993 her doctor's thesis on Bronchoalveolar Lavage in Diagnostics and Treatment Efficiency Evaluation in Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients; and in 2004 VAC awarded her with Professor's title in Phthisiology. She is a member of Academic Council of CTRI, Professor of Phthisiology Department of Russian Medical Academy for Post-Graduate Training.  Under the academic guidance of Prof. Lovacheva 12 candidate's and doctor's theses were prepared and successfully defended.
She is actively involved into introduction of new endoscopic methods for diagnostics and treatment of pulmonary diseases. She participates in development and introduction of new treatment methods for complicated and advanced cases of pulmonary and bronchial tuberculosis.
Clinical activities: 
She has been working as a doctor for more than 30 years. After graduation from the Institute she started to work in Central Tuberculosis Research Institute where she works now as Leading Researcher and Head of Endoscopy Department. She personally performed dozens of thousands of bronchological examinations with the most complicated types of biopsy and treatment manipulations. At present she participates in the Programme of High Technology Medical Care. 
Every year she makes numerous presentations at congresses including international ones, scientific and practical conferences, conducted in Moscow and other cities; she gives lectures at the Phthisiology Department of Russian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Training. She participates in on-site and distant consulting as a part of her activities in Consulting Department of the Institute.    She teaches the endoscopists on site how to perform bronchologic examinations as per the curriculum of the Center.  

Public activities: 
Prof. Lovacheva is a member of Presidium of the Russian Society of Phthisiologists from 2001, Board Member of Association of Bronchologists and Interventional Pulmonologists, member of Board of Regents of World Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology, member of European Respiratory Society, and Executive Secretary of Journal Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases from 1995.